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Although you will be providing therapy via teleheath during COVID-19 crisis, clients may wish to select a therapist in their city and state in case they would like to continue seeing you in person in the future.
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Frontliner clients will be able to browse therapists in their state and select one they want to work with. Once we receive a request from a frontliner, we will notify you by email with their information.

It will be up to you to contact them and set up an appointment. Clients will be notified that the appointment is not confirmed until they hear from you. For the administrative purposes, you can treat the frontliner as another patient in your existing practice. It is completely up to you how many free sessions you offer, how often you see the client, and how long the sessions are. Please communicate your expectations with the client at the beginning of therapy.

Your profile will remain active on the website until you notify us that you no longer have availability. To deactivate your profile (you can always re-activate later), please send us an email:

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Your availability will help frontliners find a therapist that best fits their schedule.

You can...

  • Set aside specific days and times. However, keep in mind you may not get a booking from us for several weeks.
  • Or list your general availability (e.g., Mondays 9 – 5, Tuesdays 4-8 pm, Saturdays 8-1). When we match you with a frontliner, you will work with them to find a time that works for both of you.

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